My coaching journey

I practice modern and executive coaching techniques, and when appropriate, draw from my alternative trainings. All of the below trainings led me to my interest in workplace coaching.

Integral Coaching Canada certification

The Integral Coaching program involves in-class work, assignments, one-on-one training with a certified Integral Master Coach, and coaching with two volunteer clients for each level. 

ICCP-2 Professional Certification Module (6 months)

In ICCP-2, coaches advance their understanding of human development and their coaching competencies to engage in more advanced coaching interventions.

ICCP-1 Associate Certification Module (5 months)

ICCP-1 enables students to learn the Integral Coaching® method and two of the Integral lenses used when working with clients, while developing necessary core coaching competencies. This school is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

Confident Healer Program certification

The Confident Healer, An Introduction to Intuitive Healing (9 months)

The Confident Healer is a program for health care professionals who want to cultivate a connection to their intuition to use in their healing practice. The tools and techniques learned are designed to help students on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels for the purpose of personal and professional growth.